Picking up from where we left off in Social Media Marketing for Attorneys & Law Firms: 7 Tips for Success (Pt. 1), here are a few more tips that can improve a firm’s reach and exposure in the realm of social media.

Posting your opinions and reaching out to others are effective social media marketing strategies for law firms.

Posting your opinions and reaching out to others are effective social media marketing strategies for law firms.

Tip 3: Post your opinions. 

People will be more likely to read (and keep looking for) your law firm’s social media posts if you keep them interesting. While you may want to post about the latest news or issues in your field, adding your opinions about them can make your posts that much more compelling and engaging.

Tip 4: Ask questions.

It may not be enough to simply post to your law firm’s social media account. The key is that you want to post items that will engage other users, get them to respond to your posts and/or get them to repost or share your posts to widen their reach to new potential clients.

An easy way to post engaging items is to simply ask questions about people’s opinions on a given issue or piece of news. People love to share their opinions, so blatantly asking them to do so (especially when the topic is relevant to them) can be an effective way get people to start interacting with your firm’s social media pages.

Tip 5: Reach out – respond to others’ posts.

Don’t simply rely on people to reach out to you through your posts. Be proactive when it comes to social media marketing and respond to other people’s posts. This can mean replying to individual posts, sharing posts or reposting items.

When you do this, you and your firm will likely get the attention of the original poster, who then may be more attentive to your future posts and, consequently, more likely to respond to or share your posts in the future. Consider looking to accounts for professionals who may be tangentially related to the legal industry. For example, if your firm focuses on car accident cases, you may want to try to reach out to car repair businesses via social media.

Be sure to check out the conclusion to this blog for some additional social media marketing tips.

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