Social media marketing is fundamental to a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy for businesses. While we’ve discussed how to post for success and engagement in the past, below, we’ll point out what you can do to optimize your social media profiles and why this is important.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Social Profiles

  1. Optimizing your business’ social profiles can boost your company’s authority, engagement and conversion rates, experienced Internet marketing pros explain.

    Optimizing your business’ social profiles can boost your company’s authority, engagement and conversion rates, experienced Internet marketing pros explain.

    Brand all of your business’ social profiles – Customize each of your social profiles so that they are all consistent with the look and feel of your business’ website. The idea is to create a consistent user experience across your site and social profiles.

  2. Complete your profile with care – You never know when someone will want to dig deeper into your company’s social profile, so give them some quality information about your business by completing every relevant field in your profile. While adding this content can be beneficial to users, it can also be crawled and ranked by search engines, potentially enhancing your business’ Internet marketing efforts in the bigger picture.
  3. Develop and stick to a posting strategy – One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with social profiles is abandoning them or not consistently posting to them. This can be automatically off putting to users, who may never visit your social profiles again (let alone connect with them) if it looks like there hasn’t been any activity on them in months (or longer).
  4. Don’t forget about linking – At the very least, link your website to your social profiles. It can also be a good idea to link your email signature block to your social profiles. The idea is to ingrain your social profiles in your business’ online presence as much as possible.

3 Reasons to Optimize Your Social Profiles

  1. To boost the authority of your social profiles – Fully developed and well linked social profiles can gain authority both from the point of view of search engines and users. In fact, authority is among the key elements search engines use to rank content/sites.
  2. To improve your social engagement – With more authority and activity on your social profiles can come more exposure to wider circles of users. This can mean that your social presence grows as you engage with an increasing number of people online.
  3. To get more traffic and conversions – Ultimately, more authority and exposure can generate more traffic to your business’ website and, ideally, better conversion rates, with more users turning into more potential leads/new clients.In fact, if users are coming to your website because of the activity on/engagement with your social profiles, they are more likely to follow your call-to-action (becoming potential clients), as they already have an understanding of what your business does and some level of connection with/trust in your business.

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