The use of meaningful images, as well as the simplification of marketing messages, are expected to play an important role in Internet marketing in 2014.

The use of meaningful images, as well as the simplification of marketing messages, are expected to play an important role in Internet marketing in 2014.

Continuing from The Future of Internet Marketing: What to Expect in 2014 (Part 1), the following highlights and discusses two more trends that, according to some industry experts and researchers, have been predicted as being important factors in the future of Internet marking.

  • Prediction 3: The use of meaningful images will become increasingly important – Just as meaningful content is becoming an increasingly important component of Internet marketing, so too are compelling, informative images (like, for example, infographics that easily convey facts and information in a visually stimulating and appealing manner).In fact, the rise in popularity of websites that are primarily focused on image-based content (e.g., Pinterest and Buzzfeed) show not only that Internet users are drawn to image-centric content but also that this type of content will be increasingly compelling when it comes to developing cutting-edge, effective marketing solutions for the online arena.
  • Prediction 4: Simplification of the message and design will be key – Analysis of data regarding content, pages and websites that have been experiencing a growth in popularity seem to indicate that the simpler the message and/or design of a site (or component of that website) is, the better. In other words, when Internet users are able to quickly glean the pertinent information they are looking for from a blog, infographic or website, they are more likely to return to that page or website in the future.It’s important to point out that simplification does not mean “dumbing down” the message or design of content or a website (respectively). Instead, it means getting rid of excessive language or design elements that take away from the key points of the central message.

    Some expects have theorized that one of the primary reasons for this trend is that Internet users are increasingly repulsed from aggressive ads and cluttered sites. However, regardless of the specific cause of the attraction to simplified messages, the fact remains that simplification will likely be an important concept to keep in mind when developing Internet marketing strategies for 2014.

For the final two predicted trends for Internet marketing in 2014, be sure to check out the upcoming Part 3 of this blog.

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