Phase #1: Launch

 The launch phase of social media is focused on setting up the major social network accounts with your brand or business assets. This phase you will see very little actual results in terms of traffic. This is more the preparation and set up phase. The objective should not to be getting results, but rather to have a social media presence.

Phase #2: Management

The management phase is where you have to set up your social media plan, and take action. This is where you start to post content, increase your traffic and generate more followers. During this stage your main focus should be on content that is creative and useful. The results might not be amazing yet, because this is where you are testing out what works and what doesn’t.

Phase #3: Optimization

 This phase is the final and probably the most important phase. However, without the other steps you could not get to this point. In this phase you are focusing on the metrics of your social media efforts, and working to improve areas for greater return. Focus on improving your metrics and results to a level that is acceptable for your business.

As you can see, Social media is not an instant success; however when done the right way, results do come. Don’t fall into the “instant success” myth or try to rush the process. In the end, internet marketing pays off to follow the right speed, timeframe and phases for your business. This will lead to a long lasting rate of success rather than something that will quickly burn out.

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