Developing a powerful mobile marketing database can improve the success of your marketing strategies and greatly improve your business’ relationship with its customers.

Mobile marketing is a crucial part of the overall success of a business these days, as more and more people are relying on their mobile devices and, therefore, mobile websites to connect with and learn more about business’ services and products. In order to make your mobile marketing efforts as effective as possible, it’s important to:

  • Develop and use a mobile marketing database to manage all of the information associated with marketing campaigns and your customers
  • Track customer preferences to you can tailor your marketing strategies to be optimally effective and, as a result, provide each customer with a positive experience

The following are some tips on how to develop a powerful mobile marketing database that can improve the success of your marketing strategies:

  • Start with the “Opt-In” choice when it comes to collecting information and contacting customers : While customers don’t like to be bombarded by emails, phone calls or text messages trying to get them to buy something, they will likely be especially turned off of a product or business if they have not consented to being contacted by the business. By allowing existing or potential customers to “opt-in,” you ensure that they are willing to receive communications from your business. Although most customers are weary to give up their personal information and reluctant to be contacted by businesses, offering them incentives like discounts or coupons can encourage more people to opt-in to your mobile marketing campaign.
  • Gather specific, appropriate information to improve the relationship with your customers : One of the most important questions to ask consumers who decide to “opt-in” to your business contacting them is how they preferred to be contacted . This will not only prevent you from collecting needless data (i.e., you don’t need to ask for a phone number if the customer prefers email contact), but it will also improve the chances that your marketing messages will reach the customer and improve the overall relationship between your business and the customer (as the customer won’t feel like you’re bugging them). Other important pieces of information to collect after the opt-in stage include the frequency with which the customer prefers to be contacted and specific areas of interest (i.e., specific products/services) about which the customer wants to learn more.

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