When it comes to having a dynamic, effective mobile website, the content on your site will be just as important as the design and usability of the website – as all of these elements will affect how the user engages with your business and develops an understanding of your brand. On the content side, it’s not merely enough to have words on a page (and the wrong words or too many words will instantly turn off a potential new customer). Instead, your content will have to have a specifically targeted focus to make sure that your business stands out over your competitors. Here are some tips on how to create effective content marketing that can not only boost traffic to your mobile (and standard) websites but that can also help grow your customer base and your business in general.

  • Figure out who your target audience is and gear your content towards this group: In general, your target audience will likely fall into one of three categories – the individuals who are actually using your product/service (the user), those who are authorized to purchase your service/product (the decider) and those who can persuade the decider to or to not purchase your product/service (the persuader). Since each of these groups will have its own specific concerns, your content should be tailored uniquely to satisfy the possible issues or questions they may have.For example, while it will be important that your content point out the specific features that your product/service can help with/facilitate for the users, for deciders, it will be more essential to focus your content on the bigger picture (namely, how your product/service can help with the overall strategy or objectives of the business). For the persuader, focusing the content on how the product/service fits into the company’s current infrastructure will be most essential.

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