Here are some tips on effective content marketing for your mobile website to give your business the best chances of increasing its customer base.

As a follow up to Tips on Effective Content Marketing for Your Mobile Website (Part 1) , here are some additional key points on how you can make your content as engaging as possible to potential new customers.

  • Craft your content for specific stages of the purchasing cycle: While some individuals who access your business’ mobile website will have no knowledge about the products/services your business provides, others may know a lot about your business; the way you shape your content for these different potential customers will be key to engaging them with your brand and your business.For example, for those who are just getting to know your product/service, the content should be focused on teaching this audience what the product/service offers, how to use it, etc. Blogs and short instructional videos can be effective at this early stage of the buying cycle. As potential customers are more familiar with your product/service, your content should be more focused on specifics, and press releases, testimonials and FAQ pages will be more effective for this audience. When potential clients have learned all they can from your mobile website about your product/service, you will want to make it as easy as possible for them to use or buy your product; here, demo videos or offers for free quotes will be essential.
  • Don’t forget the call-to-action with every piece of content: With every piece of content on your mobile website, it will be critical to have a call-to-action that guides the potential customer on what to do next – whether that be contact your business for a consult or placing an order. Once you have hooked a potential customer, make sure you keep him on the line by making it clear what the next action should be with a punchy and effective call to action.

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