Blogs are used by nearly 40% of US companies as a marketing tool. The companies who use blogs as a social media marketing tactic, on average have 55% more visits to their website, generating more relationships and costumers. A blog must be well optimized, with rich content. If you are struggling coming up with ideas on what your next blog should be about, here are a few easy ways to generate good content on your blog.

Lists- Start by making a list. It is a great way to create content that is quick and easy to write. People love to read lists for many reasons including:

  • Easy to read
  • Right to the point
  • Able to skim through content
  • Read only the content they want to

A list can consist of a top 10, or a list of 10 ten worst things. No matter what the list is about, it is a great way to draw in readers.

How to- Another great way to draw the attention of a reader is to demonstrate what you know and pass it on to others. This is where you can establish your self, and gain customers. This is also a great way to earn someone’s trust.

Contests- If you are looking for a way to draw in the attention of your viewers, or new viewers, a fun way to do this is by rewarding the customer. Developing specific campaigns can do this. People always love to win anything free. Offering deals and special offers are both smart tactics for customer retention. It also helps to enhance your business’ reputation.

Blogging gives a business an opportunity to engage, and create trust with customers. If you are looking to expand your business, contact Epic Web Results, and check out more of our blogs. We can help you utilize social media networking tools in order to optimize your business. Call us today at 303-947-1737 to set up a free initial consultation.