Facebook, the popular social media network recently has gained popularity as an online tool to help market businesses. Facebook is assessable via the web, cell phone, or I pad, and gives the power to people to connect, share ideas and be more open minded with people across the world. Millions of people use Facebook as a way to expand their businesses. Here is a list of benefits that Facebook can bring to your business:

  • Branding- Facebook can be a great way to generate brand awareness. Facebook has the ability to create and build a relationship with you and your consumers.
  • Engagement- Using Facebook applications can get a great way to promote, have contests, or broadcast events. Again, it is a great interception point that engages your brand, your products and your consumers.
  • Management- Facebook marketing can be a great way to see what users are saying about your brand.
  • Client Retention- Facebook provides another potential interception point to build relationships.
  • Customer Acquisition- Facebook is a great opportunity to find consumers you may have no otherwise discovered.
  • Build Business Use Cases – Facebook can provide you with an opportunity to build successful business cases as you target specific vertical markets with specific business objectives.
  • The Viral Effect- Facebook takes “word of mouth” to the next level.

Facebook was originally intended for students to join different school communities, however is it now enjoyed by the majority of the population. Facebook allows users to interact with co-workers, family members, and clients across the world. It is a great tool to use to expand your business. So to answer the question, everyone should use Facebook to expand their business.But are you using Facebook the right way? Contact Epic Web Results to talk to John Reiter about your companies online social media networks, your website design, and what you can do to optimize your business. Call directly today at 303-947-1737.