Top 4 Reasons Visitors Bounce from (Leave) Attorney Websites

High bounce rates for websites can cost businesses both in terms of rankings and conversion rates. While some sites may experience high bounce rates for certain pages, however, those that have an overall high bounce rate may require some closer analysis – and some significant changes – to reverse the trend, get visitors to stay on the site longer and, ideally, convert more visitors into potential new clients.

What Causes Visitors to Bounce from Sites

Bounce rates can hurt a website. Here’s why sites tend to have high bounce rates, our Internet marketing pros explain. We can help reduce bounce rates and position sites for success.

Bounce rates can hurt a website. Here’s why sites tend to have high bounce rates, our Internet marketing pros explain. We can help reduce bounce rates and position sites for success.

Although any number of different factors can cause people to immediately click off of a website, some of the top reasons that people bounce from websites within seconds of seeing them include that:

  1. They are getting the wrong information – When users click through to a site (from a search engines results page, for instance), they usually have some expectation regarding the type of content or information they will be finding on the landing page. If the expectation is not met, most users will click away within seconds and look to another website for the info they are seeking.A few reasons that users may experience unfulfilled expectations and bounce from a site include that the content is poorly written or uninformative or that the link takes the user to a Home page (forcing him or her to have to navigate down to the specific info being sought).
  2. They are not getting the information they are looking for quickly enough – Even if a user clicks through to the right page of information on a website, if that information is buried (like below the fold or in a paginated click-through list), the chances are that the user will leave the site very quickly because the info (s)he is looking for is too difficult to find ASAP.This can be a significant issue if the info a user is looking for is the call-to-action for a business/website.
  3. They are being bombarded with pop-ups or requests for email addresses – Pop-up windows can have their place, and users on a site can be very willing to submit personal information, such as email addresses, as long as the request is made at the right time.Asking users to submit emails as soon as they get on a site (or within seconds of them being on a site), however, can be another immediate turn off, inciting people to bounce and look to another site that will let them browse without intrusion or interruption.
  4. They are experiencing problems with mobile sites – The mobile experience is just as important as the desktop experience when it comes to how a website appears and functions. This is mainly because more than 50 percent of people only access the Internet via mobile devices.So, if a mobile site takes a long time to load, is difficult to navigate or is too cluttered, the chances are that users will bounce within seconds and look for a site that is easier to look at and navigate.

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