Twitter is a great social media-networking tool to take advantage of. If your business is already on Twitter, it is important to make sure you are updating and keeping up to date on your page. Here are five quick tips that can help your business have success with using Twitter.

1. Make sure your bio is complete

This is the opportunity you’ll have to convey your own personality into your generic account. Use your bio to share your self, staff and businesses personality. It is important that people following your business page knows you are a real person. A proper picture also could benefit your Twitter page.

2. .Share what your company is all about

People follow you most likely because they are interested in your business, topic area or brand. They want to hear or read about information that is relevant to your company. If you provide good content to the correct target market, you will quickly see results. If you post content that is irreverent, this could hurt you company and stop people from following you. Use your business Twitter as a place to market and connect with people interested in your brand, or business.

3. Check your @ replies

Twitter is a great way to reach out to people, and is a broadcasting tool. It is important to realize that people are broadcasting back. Make sure you get in the habit of checking to see if people respond to you. This could be a good way to look at what people are most interested in hearing from you, or what brings about positive or negative responses. Being on Twitter and not responding to genuine conversations can affect your company.

4.Check your spelling

We get it. Everyone is a human, makes mistake and a slip up is bound to happen at some point. It is important to look over your spelling and grammar before posting. Tweets are typically under 140 characters. However, the new version of Twitter makes it possible to display images inside tweets, and allows you to have tweets exceeding 140 characters. This helps your followers to read your longer tweets, without having to leave twitter. It is more important than ever to check your spelling when posting in order to maintain your companies reputation, or plan and simple not annoy readers through your spelling mishaps.

5.Think before you Tweet

Even though Twitter is a real-time, in the moment social media tool, there is a strong emphasized placed on rather something should or should not be posted.

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