Customizing your header and tweeting questions are two ways you can increase the visibility of your profile and, in turn, increase your Twitter following.

Customizing your header and tweeting questions are two ways you can increase the visibility of your profile and, in turn, increase your Twitter following.

Continuing from Twitter for Lawyers: How to Increase Your Following (Part 1), the following presents and explains some additional steps that lawyers and other legal professionals can take to make their Twitter feeds as compelling as possible. By following these tips for Twitter for lawyers, you can increase your law firm’s visibility in this social media platform, which, in turn, can help you foster new professional relationships with colleagues and potential clients.

Once you have set up your Twitter account and linked it to your other professional social media accounts:

  1. Customize the header by adding eye-catching images – You should take advantage of any area within your Twitter profile that may be blank by personalizing it with your firm’s logo, a professional head shot of yourself or other relevant images pertaining to your legal practice. The more eye-catching your header is, the more likely it is to catch the attention of other users, which may incite them to follow you, Tweet you, respond to your Tweets, etc.
  2. Tweet regularly and often – As with other social media platforms, you don’t want to let your account idle, and the more regularly you post to your account, the more exposure you will gain for it. While posting daily or even twice a day is ideal, whatever posting strategy you ultimately choose should be based on consistent, regularly Tweeting so that you stay engaged with your followers (and have the optimal chances for increasing your following). 
  3. Ask questions – People love to give their opinions and advice (especially when it comes to controversial hot topics of the day), so posting open-ended questions as your Tweets is a smart way to engage other Twitter users.
  4. Follow people who follow you – When you get new followers on Twitter, be sure to follow these people (or organizations) in return. The more people who follow you – and the more people you follow, the wider your reach will be within Twitter.

For some final tips for Twitter for lawyers, be sure to read our final installation of this blog.

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