Embedding links to your content within your Tweets and Tweet your colleagues are two ways you can increase your law firm’s exposure and visibility on Twitter.

Embedding links to your content within your Tweets and Tweet your colleagues are two ways you can increase your law firm’s exposure and visibility on Twitter.

Concluding the three-part blog Twitter for Lawyers: How to Increase Your Following, here are some final thoughts on what you can do to make your law firm’s Twitter account as compelling and visible as possible.

  1. Post links to your online content – Ideally, you should be regularly adding interesting, optimized content to your law firm’s website (in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, etc.). As you add this new content, it’s a good idea to share it with your Twitter followers by posting links as part of your Tweets (i.e., embedding links within your Tweets).For example, you can Tweet something like “What do you think about the latest changes to bankruptcy law (insert URL to your site here)?” or “Do you think the defendant should have been charged in this case (insert URL to your site here)?” or “Want to learn more about your legal rights (insert URL to your site here) in criminal cases?”Tweets that embed links directly to your content will not only drive more people to your law firm’s website, but they can also increase the exposure of your great content, the work your firm is doing and, ultimately, your law firm itself.
  2. Tweet your colleagues – While embedding links to your website’s content is one smart idea for developing interesting Tweets, engaging with others by Tweeting them is also a good idea because it can start conversations or discussions that give you exposure in circles that you would otherwise not be involved in. When it comes to Tweeting others, asking open-ended questions is, again, an effective way to elicit a response, get others to notice your Tweets and likely increase your following.
  3. Keep it short, sweet and informal – With Twitter, there is a distinct character limit – meaning that your Tweets have to be less than 140 characters (including spaces). This limit forces you to keep your Tweets short and, in doing so, focus on the message as much as possible. Given this limit, make sure that you keep your Tweets punchy, catchy and informal, as this will increase the likelihood that others’ will find your Tweets interesting, respond to them and ideally start following you on Twitter.

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