Here are some additional tips on optimizing customers’ experience with your mobile website design.

As a continuation of Mobile Website Design: Usability Tips to Improve Customer Experience (Part 1) , here are some additional tips on how you can tailor your mobile website’s design in order to optimize your customers’ experience with your website and your business in general:

  • Provide easy-to-use navigation options so users can quickly access the areas of the site they are looking for : Having to scroll excessive on a mobile device is extremely tedious and is one of the primary reasons that users will leave a site and go to a competitor’s mobile website. To facilitate navigation and prevent excessive scrolling, it’s a good idea to create linked drop-down menus, as well as “back to the top” buttons that will quickly take users to areas of your site that they are looking for.
  • Create text links that are both easy to identify and easy to click : Just as typing in text on mobile websites can be difficult, so too can be trying to click on text links, especially if text links are placed closely together (making it easier for users to click the wrong link and become frustrated with their experience using your site). To facilitate the “clickability” and recognition of text links, consider placing links a reasonable distance apart and bolding them or giving them a different text color (or a different background color).
  • Avoid common mobile website design pitfalls : When it comes to what to avoid in terms of mobile website design, you will want to steer clear of any design element that will slow down the loading time of the site, make the site difficult to use or otherwise be disruptive to the users’ experience. Specific design elements to avoid include pop-up windows (which will interfere with a user’s ability to access your website and make it more likely that the user will seek out your competitor’s website), as well as flash or large pictures (both of which will prevent your website from loading promptly).

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