In theme with our recent blog on Google’s Panda update, we thought it would be a good time to go over what should be done in order to successfully relaunch a website. The fact is that, with Google algorithm updates, some sites can lose their rankings in search engines, as changes to the ranking algorithms can penalize sites for poor optimization, a lack of content and various other factors.

When this happens, redesigning – and shortly thereafter relaunching – a website can be crucial to reversing the fall in rankings and to getting that site once again favorably ranked in search engines. After all, the better a site ranks, the more visibility and traffic it will likely have – and the more leads and business a firm or company will receive as a result.

In this blog series, we’ll provide a straightforward SEO checklist of what to do before relaunching a website in order to position it for success. If you are ready to redesign and relaunch a site, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results to ensure these processes are as successful as possible.

Before a Website Relaunch: Here’s What You Should Do…

To position a website for a successful relaunch, follow the steps on this SEO checklist – or simply call Epic Web Results today.

To position a website for a successful relaunch, follow the steps on this SEO checklist – or simply call Epic Web Results today.

The following is our SEO checklist for relaunching a site. Keep in mind that the steps on this checklist are general and that they can vary from site to site, based on the goals for that website (among other things).

  • Carefully keep track of all redirects – Diligently tracking all of the redirects for a website can be crucial to not sabotaging your site’s relaunch. While you can track the assigned redirects (from the old URL to the new location on the site) in an Excel spreadsheet, any method that helps you keep track of this important element can be used.

    Without such careful tracking of redirects, you can end up with a lot of 404 page errors, which is a problem that can quickly impact your site’s ranking in search engines.

  • Transition the appropriate on-page SEO elements – Whether you are keeping none, some or all of the content on your website, transitioning the appropriate SEO elements will also be an important step to complete prior to a website’s relaunch. Some of these SEO elements can include (but are not necessarily limited to):
    • Heading tags
    • Keyword use and density
    • Page descriptions
    • Alt tags and descriptions for images.

Here, it’s also critical to point out that, if new pages are added to the site, then these SEO elements should all be satisfied for every new page to appropriately optimize the website and position it for a successful relaunch.

We will continue discussing the important steps to take as part of your SEO checklist before a website relaunch in a few upcoming installments of this blog series – make sure you check them out!

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