Cost person impression, or known as CPI or CPM are terms used in online advertising and marketing related to web traffic. Ultimately the purpose of having a website is for people to view it, and drive business to your company, right? Well, cost person impression is a way that a business can be more certain about the revenue they will generate from their website traffic. Posting ads on websites or blogs does this, and in turn revenue is calculated. For example, an ad appears on a blog generating 20,000 page views monthly displaying the advertising banner with $2 CPM (cost per mile), will earn $40 a monthly on that banner.

Why use CPM ad?

CPM ad gives you another means to make money from your blog using ads. CPM ads are great for blogs that have high page views but low click through rates. People might not always click on the ad, however because your blog is already popular, optimized and viewed frequently you are able to benefit from this.

List of popular CMP ad networks:

  • Casale Media
  • Burst Media
  • Value Click
  • Right Media

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