Search Engine Optimization

Localized search engine optimization commonly known as, local SEO optimizes your business by allowing people to find you when searching local businesses and news. There is value to having sites highly ranked and visible in search engines, creating an opportunity for both white hat, and black hat SEO practitioners. SEO techniques are divided into two broad categories: techniques that the search engines recommend as a good design, white hat SEO, and those techniques that put up a red flag, black hat SEO.  Search engine optimization like most anything has a good, fair way of doing things, and a bad, unfair way of doing things.

There are several distinguishing techniques between white hat, ethical SEO and black hat, unethical SEO. It is useful to recognize the differences in order to have a positive effect on your search position without putting your business website at risk.

White Hat SEO Overview and Techniques

–       long lasting

–       limited short term

–       follows guidelines

–       written as series of rules

–       ensures that content search engines indexes and ranks are the same content the user sees

–       creates sites for users

–       no deceiving of the algorithm

–       promotes accessibility

Here are just a few of many techniques that will have a positive effect on your search.


1.Quaility Content

A great way to optimize your search engine is through adequate written context.

2. Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Phrases

Incorporate words or phrases people use to find your site. Use the phrases effectively throughout. You can check your search engine position today.

3. Quality Inbound Links

Having inbound links leads to ratings of good or bad votes, which establishes a rank higher or lower in the search engines. Good links are from other websites that are regarded highly by the search engines and are relevant to your page.


Black Hat SEO Overview and Techniques

-quick fixes

-instant gratification

-improved ratings

-disapproved by search engines

-deception and misleading

-eventually banned temporarily or permanently when discovered by search engines

-reduces ranks, or eliminated from data base


Here are a few of the many ways used to take a chance at a temporary, quick fix and big pay off rather than a stable business that holds over time.

1. Hidden Content

The site is stuffed with hidden keywords that are not visible to the user. The font color blends with the background, invisible or is off the screen.

2. Doorway or Gateway Pages

They are fake pages that are filled with content that is highly optimized for 1 or 2 keywords that link to a target page. The user never sees this page because they are automatically redirected to the target page.

3. Link Farming

In the real world if you plant flowers in grass with fungi, the flowers would be devalued by their surroundings. The same occurs with link farming; the websites aren’t related and the links have no purpose other than to create traffic from unrelated websites.

It is never to late to start paying attention to what sites you invest your time or business in.


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