Although the decline in PC sales may close the doors on desktop businesses, it is opening the proverbial window for other businesses to connect with consumers in new ways.

A recent report compiled and published by Gartner, Inc., an international, independent market analysis and statistics firm, has found that the decline of PC sales is not just reflective of people tightening their spending habits in tougher economic times but that it is, in fact, indicative of a “terminal decline” due to long-term changes in the ways consumers are accessing the Internet (and using computer systems). Specifically, while sales of tablets are expected to increase by nearly 70 percent in 2013 and sales in smartphones will double (exceeding an estimated 1 billion units sold worldwide in 2013), sales of desktops/PCs are expected to drop nearly 8 percent in 2013 and more than 20 percent within the next five years.

This trend in the rise of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones , at the expense of desktops does not bode well for some PC makers that only specialize in making desktops. Namely, both HP and Dell may be soon forced to decide whether they will explore developing mobile devices or whether they will be among the victims of broad-sweeping technological advances in the near future.

Although the decline in PCs may soon close the doors on desktop-based businesses, it is opening the proverbial window for other businesses and providing them with new ways toconnect with potential new and existing consumers . Specifically, the rise of mobile devices has made it significantly easier for on-the-go consumers to immediately get information about local businesses and make quick decisions about their next purchase.

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