Having a website is the first step to developing an online presence and starting to grow your business online. However, these days, it’s not enough to just have a website – your site needs to be optimized, usually on an ongoing basis, in order to rise in search engine rankings and, ideally, improve your conversion rates.

So, what do you need to do to optimize your site now and on an ongoing basis moving forward?

Well, the essential SEO checklist provided below is a good place to start. When, however, you need to get the best results and returns from your site ASAP, don’t hesitate to contact the trusted professionals at Epic Web Results.

Your Go-To SEO Checklist

Our Internet marketing pros provide an essential SEO checklist to help identify issues to improve in order to improve a site’s optimization and performance.

Our Internet marketing pros provide an essential SEO checklist to help identify issues to improve in order to improve a site’s optimization and performance.

When it comes to optimizing a site, it is important to:

  • Strategically use appropriate keywords/keyword phrases – Keyword use is still in important in 2015. And, while it’s important to strategically use keywords/keyword phrases throughout your content/site, you need to be using the right keywords to reach your audience. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve researched keywords for your site, now may be the time to revisit this research and revamp your use of keywords.
  • Focus on on-page optimization – Are the individual pages of content on your site each optimized (with appropriate title/heading tags, descriptions, etc.)? If not, this is another essential optimization task that needs to be done to help your site perform as well as possible.
  • Maintain a blog – Do you have a blog on your site? Are you regularly posting unique, well-written content on your blog? If not, this is another essential step to take when you are serious about optimizing your site and improving its performance in SERPs.
  • Develop a responsive mobile site – Do you have a mobile version of your site? If so, is it responsive so that it can be easily viewed across different mobile devices? If not, you’re not only losing out on a lot of potential customers/clients (as mobile search has reportedly taken over desktop searches in the U.S.), but you are also sabotaging the success of your standard site (as sites that aren’t mobile-friendly tend to be ranked more poorly than sites that have mobile-friendly versions).
  • Make sure your site navigation is logical and straightforward – Can users who are visiting your site for the first time easily and quickly locate whatever info they need? If not, there may be a problem with your site’s navigation, and this can be hurting the performance of your site in SERPs (as poor navigation negatively impacts user experience, which usually results in search engine algorithms ranking these sites worse than sites with easy-to-use navigation features).
  • Earn links – This can be done in various ways, but the idea is to earn links from quality sites, as this can add to your authority (from search engine’s point of view) and, in doing so, potentially help your site realize better rankings.

Beyond the Checklist

The above list is by no means comprehensive, as there are various other SEO elements that may need to be addressed, revamped or added to sites to help them:

  • Provide a better user experience
  • Start to rank better in SERPs
  • Deliver the best returns for businesses – in terms of conversion rates, new leads and, ideally, more business.

Effective Internet Marketing Solutions at Epic Web Results

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