Regardless of the type of business you may own or work for, you have likely heard the term content marketing, particularly when discussions of mobile or standard websites have arisen. In its essence, content marketing is the development and distribution of content that is crafted to deliver valuable information to existing or potential clients while also establishing brand awareness and building trust with the reader.

Being aware of content marketing strategies for 2014 can help businesses position themselves at the forefront of these trends and their industry.

Being aware of content marketing strategies for 2014 can help businesses position themselves at the forefront of these trends and their industry.

When done right, content marketing will position the business (or author) as an expert in the field, will provide the reader with useful information and will ultimately develop a relationship between the business and the reader.

Here and in an upcoming second installment of this blog, we will take a closer look at 5 content marketing trends that will likely gain traction or take a stronger hold in 2014. Being aware of or at the forefront of these trends could help you position your business for growth and optimal success in the coming year.

  1. Business will become increasingly focused on content marketing, and Content Directors will be one of the top marketing positions for businesses – A specific focus on content marketing (which may come in the form of blogs, social media posts, white papers, webinars, etc.) will likely be a growing trend for many businesses in 2014, with some even making the position of Content Director a top marketing position in their firms.As this trend becomes realized, some businesses may even begin to incorporate more of their staff into the content marketing efforts (like by, for instance, pulling lower level staff into content creation and dissemination efforts).


  2. Effective mobile content marketing strategies will be critical – There is no doubting that mobile devices are a prominent means of accessing in the Internet; in fact, many industry experts predict that, within a year or two, use of mobile devices will overtake desktops as people’s primary means of accessing and using the Internet.Given this fact, there will likely be a need to adapt content marketing strategies to mobile platforms in the near future. In other words, businesses that are focused on developing “on-the-go” content that can be easily read on mobile devices (e.g., shorter pieces that get to the point quickly) will likely trump their competitors both in website traffic and in growing market shares.

Be sure to look for the upcoming second part of this blog for three additional content marketing strategies that will likely become crucial in 2014.

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