Choosing the right Internet marketing firm to oversee the development and maintenance of your website can make all of the difference in how your site ends up ranking in search engines and whether you are ultimately able to establish a compelling online presence to your target audience (and potential new clients).

When you are searching for an Internet marketing firm that will get you the results you need, here are some specific qualities to look for.

When you are searching for an Internet marketing firm that will get you the results you need, here are some specific qualities to look for.

With so many choices in Internet marketing firms, it can be difficult to know which one may be the best option and how you should go about evaluating your choices. After all, every firm is going to try to put their best foot forward and may talk the talk – but how do you know if they will actually also walk the walk and perform when you need them to?

In this three-part blog, we’ll point out some specific things you can look for and use to evaluate an Internet marketing firm. If you are ready to learn more about how Epic Web Results can provide you with industry-leading Internet marketing solutions, don’t hesitate to call us.

Essential Qualities of a Good Internet Marketing Firm

A good Internet marketing firm should provide you with:

1. An Accurate Initial Audit of Your Website

When you first start working with an Internet marketing firm, experienced professionals will usually start by looking at your site, checking out where it ranks in search engines and creating a detailed audit of what should be changed, revamped or improved to make your site more engaging and better optimized. This audit should cover aspects like:

  • Design features (such as navigation menus, the look of your site, etc.)
  • Content elements (such as whether or not the content is well written, optimized, etc.)
  • Link building (specifically whether current strategies need to be altered).

If you aren’t ever provided with an audit of your site or the audit you receive doesn’t seem to list specific elements of your site that could stand for improvement, you may want to consider shopping around for a different (and better) Internet marketing firm.

2. Specific Goals for Your Website

Once you have an accurate audit of your website, the next step is to develop some specific goals for your site:

  • Do you want a certain ranking in search engines (for certain terms)?
  • Do you want to reach a specific conversion rate for users on your website?

Experienced Internet marketing professionals can help you articulate these goals and then layout a plan for helping you achieve them.

Stay posted for the second and third parts of this blog to come!

Effective Internet Marketing Solutions at Epic Web Results

At Epic Web Results, our skilled industry professionals are up to date with the latest advances in Internet marketing, and we are highly adept at designing and maintaining optimized websites that will soar to the top of search engines. Some of our specific services include website design (including for mobile devices), SEO/optimization, link building, content and email marketing, website analytics, social media marketing, etc.

Our extensive experience developing the best possible online results for our Clients means that we consistently provide a variety of cost-effective Internet marketing solutions that can ultimately help grow our Clients’ businesses. Our goal is to provide your business or firm with aggressive, effective Internet marketing solutions that will help attract potential new clients while continuing to engage existing clients.

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