Continuing from Attorney Video Marketing: 6 Tips for Making a Good Video (Pt. 1), here are some more helpful tips that can assist you in developing effective lawyer videos.

More Tips for Making a Compelling Lawyer Video…

Your script, as well as the visual images for the video, will both be important elements of creating a compelling attorney video. Contact Epic for more info.

Your script, as well as the visual images for the video, will both be important elements of creating a compelling attorney video. Contact Epic for more info.


Tip 3 – Create a script.

Whether you want to develop a detailed script or, more simply, an overview of a script that lists some main talking points will depend on you and your speaking style. The point here is that having a script will be essential to making sure that:

  • You cover all necessary points or topics in the video.
  • You don’t go off on a tangent when filming the video (this could end up costing you more money on the production side, as it could mean that you end going through one or more extra takes before you get the footage you want/need).

Here, it’s also important to mention that, once you have a script, you may want to run it by either another attorney in your firm and/or a professional who is overseeing the production of the lawyer video. Having a second set of eyes to review a script can be helpful in pointing elements you may have missed or in cutting out parts that may be unnecessary.

Tip 4 – Decide what visuals you want to use in the lawyer video.

Given that an attorney video is an inherently visual medium, you should consider what types of images and settings you would like featured in your video. These visual components can be just as compelling as the words spoken on the video, so take some time to think about them.

For instance, instead of just sitting in front of a camera and talking, you may want to consider filming:

  • Meetings with other attorneys and/or clients.
  • Going to court.
  • Local features of interest (this can be important if the theme of your attorney video is providing legal representation to people in a specific area).

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be the focal point of the video for the entire video and that you can have voiced-over parts that feature other images or focal points. Including various visual components can make your lawyer video that much more interesting and memorable.

Don’t miss the upcoming conclusion to this blog for some final tips on how to create effective attorney videos.

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