Bad Strategy #1: Creating Too Many Social Networks

There are many different social networks out there. Each brings their own benefits to a business, however if you are on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and every other possible network, who is going to manage all of these? How can you effectively maintain these? Which account are your customers supposed to follow for you to interact with them? In order to see the best results for your business, it is important to find your target market, and the social media that best reaches them. Rather than dealing with too many things at once, focus your hours onto quality not quantity.

Bad Strategy #2 Relying on Others

It does not matter how many social media buttons you plaster on your site. You can’t sit around and wait for others to share your blogs, or Retweet your updates. You will get better results if your online activities are more focused and deliberated. You can do this by using offers and incentives that draw in more viewers and potential customers.

Bad Strategy #3 Neglected Messaging

People feel that they constantly have to interact with their social media sites, which leads to low- quality, ineffective messages, non-stop. However the most important aspect to remember is that quality content is more effective than quantity.

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