Picking up from where Black Hat Web Design: What Is It & How to Avoid It (Pt. 1) left off, below, we will point out some more common black hat tactics that can seriously hurt your website (and potentially even the credibility of your business).

More Common Black Hat Web Design Tactics

  • Here are some black hat web design tactics that can hurt your website. Contact us to find out how to fix black hat issues – or to avoid them altogether with your site.

    Here are some black hat web design tactics that can hurt your website. Contact us to find out how to fix black hat issues – or to avoid them altogether with your site.

    Doorway pages – With this black hat tactic, a set of nearly identical content pages with generic content are published on a website. These “cookie-cutter” pages essentially focus on a single keyword (or keyword phrase) that is usually just plugged into standard, generic copy.While this tactic can create issues significant duplicate content issues, it also presents the problem of not offering any useful or valuable content to users. Consequently, the use of doorway pages is generally a black hat web design tactic that, like the other black hat tactics pointed out thus far, is actively penalized by search engines.

  • URL redirects – Commonly used in conjunction with doorway pages, URL redirects are not in and of themselves problematic (and can be used successfully); however, they will become questionable when they are used to purposely try to trick search engine algorithms and Internet users.In particular, when URL redirects are used with doorway pages to try to keep users on a site for longer (by pushing them to some specific area of the site before they can hit “back”), they are generally considered to be black hat and can create some big problems for websites’ standing with and ranking in search engines.
  • Duplicate websites – Another commonly used black hat web design tactic lies in creating essentially duplicate websites and launching the duplicate site from a new URL. For instance, this practice has been used to copy a business’ competitor’s successful website (content and design), to make a few minor changes and then to launch the duplicate site from a different URL.While the growing sophistication of search engine’s algorithms has led them to be able to efficiently detect when this black hat tactic is used, unethical designers and companies are still employing this frowned-upon practice, which ultimately ends up impacting the businesses and individuals that mistakenly rely on them.

We also want to point out that, although not as commonly used today, the following are also black hat tactics that have been used in the past (and that we still see popping up and hurting websites):

  • Keyword stuffing, which is essentially the gross overuse of a keyword (or keyword phrase) in a piece of content. This egregious practice, which has been used in various ways over the years, may be employed in trickier ways these days (such as by including “keyword-stuffed” content in very small font at the bottom of a content page).
  • Hidden text, which basically involves including text that is the same color as the background of the site on a given page. While users can’t see such hidden text, this text is “visible” to search engine algorithms and can lead to serious problems for websites.

To find out how you can avoid hiring an Internet marketing company that uses black hat tactics, be sure to check out the upcoming conclusion to this blog series.

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