Picking up from Blogging for Attorneys: 7 Tips for Writing a Successful Legal Blog (Pt. 1), here are some additional ways that you can easily develop a compelling legal blog for your law firm’s website.

Tip 3: Don’t Be Afraid to State Your Opinion

When blogging on the news (or any topic for that matter), make sure you put your own spin on the topic by stating your opinion or writing in your own perspective. Remember, your blog doesn’t have to be impartial – and it shouldn’t be.

Blogging for attorneys should be conversational and informative. For help developing and maintaining a successful legal blog, contact Epic Web Results.

Blogging for attorneys should be conversational and informative. For help developing and maintaining a successful legal blog, contact Epic Web Results.


Tip 4: Include Lists When Possible

All of your blogs don’t have to be news oriented, and for some legal practice areas, there may not be much in the way of recent headlines to work with. This is where creating interesting lists can be especially effective because blogs based on lists:

  • Are usually interesting to readers, especially if the lists are showcasing the top number of items, listing essential tips, listing steps on how to do something, etc.
  • Are natural ways to optimize a blog, as they create natural headlines while also making blogs easier to scan/read, which is a big plus from the user perspective.

Tip 5: Keep It Informal and Conversational

Blogs are inherently informal pieces and, as such, should be written in a conversational tone. These pieces should be easy to read and can still communicate important information without relying on highfalutin language (or even legalese). The best tip for keeping your blogs conversational is to write them as if you are talking to a non-lawyer friend about the topic at a party (and, of course, refrain from using inappropriate or vulgar language). When you write as though you are talking, the language will likely be conversational.

When you finish writing a blog, make sure to read it over at least once so you can edit it for any typos or glaring grammatical errors. Just because the tone is conversation, doesn’t mean the blog should be written sloppily (as this could work against you by negatively impacting readers’ perception of your credibility and professionalism).

Stay posted for the conclusion to this blog for some final tips on creating a successful legal blog for your firm’s website.

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