Regardless of the type of business you conduct, you are an expert in your field. Because of this, you are significantly more likely to close a deal, acquire a new client, or gain a loyal customer if you have the chance to meet them face-to-face and provide them, through conversation, proof of your expert status. Unfortunately, getting those face-to-face meetings is often left to chance. You wait for a potential client to call you after seeing your advertisement, wait for a new customer to happen to walk through your front door, or make a hundred cold calls to land one sale.

YouTube provides a unique way for you to reach a wider audience, establish your credibility and gain new clients. YouTube search results often appear above standard website results in the rankings, giving you the ability to have front page exposure. Unlike a website, which can be written by anyone, a YouTube video allows the searcher to put a name with a face, hear the inflections in your voice, and builds credibility.

You can have regular followers on YouTube that subscribe to your channel and are alerted when you post new videos. You can also add captions, thought bubbles and call-to-actions to your videos. Your video will also provide valuable back links to your website, which help increase search rankings.

When choosing content for a video production, look at your website’s analytics for inspiration. What keywords or keyword phrases drive the most traffic to your site? Take a handful of those keywords and develop informative videos on those topics. When you tag your video, make sure to use relevant keyword tags so that the search engines can find your video.

A word of caution: An amateur video will make you look, well, like an amateur. Invest in a good quality video camera, or hire an internet marketing company or videographer to assist you with the production of your video. Just as a quality, informative video can help establish your expert status, a poorly made video can have a negative effect on your credibility as well.