Careless? Going to fast? Bad speller? Auto-correct? Luckily, after eight years, there finally will be no more   “Oh no’s” followed with, copy delete and paste functions on Facebook. Facebook is finally giving members the ability to edit their comments. They took a step in the right direction by creating this function similar to Google +.

I’m sure at one time or another we have all been there; posted something, then look back and realize you made no sense, misspelled a word of two, or would have rather said something else. Instead of having to delete the comment now, an edit option will appear in the form of a small pencil icon in the top right corner of your comment. A drop-down menu will then appear once you have clicked the pencil and you will have the choice to either edit or delete the comment. You will only be able to edit your own comments, not comments done by other people, even if they are on your page.

This might not be breaking news, but it certainly will make Facebook posting and Facebook marketing go a little smoother. With mobile updates, quick Facebook breaks during work, and your reputation on the line, it just makes things that much easier. Who knows, maybe your Facebook ranking will go up because less people will get annoyed by your constant reposts of the same status because of the misspelling you noticed, or won’t be turned off by the mistakes.

The IPhone auto-correct can finally be outsmarted, by simply allowing people to edit their posts after they already posted them. The feature for mobile devises is expected to be available soon, so in order to fix those auto-correct lurks you must be on a computer.

The real question is whether Facebook will allow original posting editing. This could be helpful to go back  and edit much older postings, but could also make things messy. It could become messy by letting people change their options and the order in which comments are displayed on their timelines. This would just leave people confused. With the Timeline, and original posting, people could easily become overly self-conscious about what they said in the past. What do you think about the new feature? Should it be taken to the next step of original post editing, or is it fine how it is?

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