July 18, 2012 marks the second year of the Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing Conference. The word has been that this year will be bigger and better than the before. It is going to take place in London, and will be packed full of case studies, panels, advice sessions and insight into marketing on the 800m+ social behemoth. This year with a new partner, Our Social Times, there will be a day packed with strategy insight, analysis and practical examples of how to access, engaged and build value from Facebook’s massive data- rich audience.

For those of you, or most of you who cannot make it to London on such short notice, here are a few examples of how to access, engage, and build value from Facebook. This is very similar to what will be discussed in the conference held. This year many of the large changes in Facebook will be brought up, and analyzed.

  1. The timeline cover photo- This is the biggest change in the new features. Depending on the industry you are in, it could really help your advertisement. It is the biggest picture viable to people when they view your Facebook page.
  2. Your about info- The about info for your company moves from a tiny box on the sidebar to one of the first areas people will see after they take in your cover photo. It is not required, however it is a perfect place for you to put a link to your website so you can get a higher ranking.

There are many social media network tools out there for businesses to use; however Facebook has proven year after year to bring results that make a difference. Facebook gives you all the tools in order to facilitate connections with similar communities, along with potential and current clients. At Epic Web Results, we are able to help you optimize your business plans and recreate your Facebook page so you too can see the results everyone else is taking about. Contact us today at 303-947-1737 to talk about how your business can reach out to the people who need and should be.