At Epic Web Results, we use advanced Internet Marketing tools like Google Analytics to understand exactly how traffic is getting to your website. We use these tools to improve your rankings with popular search engines and create content that is optimized to bring you the highest amount of visitors.

Features of Google Analytics

  • Which keywords are bringing the most internet users to the site

  • What types of content are attracting users, whether that content is videos, text or photos

  • The amount of traffic provided by search engines

  • How internet traffic has changed over time and which web pages are performing well

  • Links within the site that are attracting visitors to the site

  • The number of conversions, or active users that are buying products or contacting you through your website

  • The average amount of time a user stays on the website

  • At what point visitors leave the website and look elsewhere

All of these features cannot only show you in detail how your website is performing, but in the right hands, Google Analytics can show you where you can improve your website and generate more conversions and revenue. The information provided by this powerful internet tool can help your company create an effective internet marketing campaign.

Make Google Analytics Work for You

Internet marketing terms like SEO and website conversions can be confusing, and Google Analytics can be a daunting tool for those who aren’t trained in website design and web content creation. If you are interested in increasing your brand visibility on the web and generating more business through your website, you need a trusted internet marketing company to analyze your website performance and make suggestions for improvement. Epic Web Results is that company; our SEO experts can use this powerful analytic tool to find ways to increase traffic and revenues for your company.