With Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, the idea of maintaining another social media site for your business may seem both taxing and unnecessary. But before you discount investing time or money into a SEO Google+ page, consider the source.

By source, we mean Google, of course. Ford Motor Company was one of the marketers involved in the beta testing for Google+ for brands. Scott Monty, the head of Ford’s social media, reported that the company’s Google+ page didn’t affect rankings…yet.  But, he did say that he sees it coming.

The reality of the situation is that Google has a vested interest in guiding businesses and brands to utilize its social media platform. It is more than likely that to encourage use of Google+, companies participating may see a bump in their Google search rankings. As it stands, both Twitter and Facebook can impact your search rankings on Google, so one can pretty safely assume that Google+ pages would have a little bit of favoritism in this regard.

What it comes down to, in the end, is a choice between spending a few extra minutes a day updating yet another social media page or risking being behind the bar when Google announces that the next algorithm change will take into account a company’s popularity, size of the circle of followers, or amount of +1s received on Google+.

Which of us honestly wants to be behind the curve?