While the internet does connect people on a national and even global scale, you can use internet marketing tools to reach the people in your area who will benefit from your products or services.

How do local listings on search sites help potential clients and customers find your business?

Google Places – Google returns results not only on web pages but on local listings as well, so you can not only reach customers through the web but in your local area, driving traffic to your website and to your doorstep at the same time.

Yahoo! Local – A detailed business profile on Yahoo! Local will highlight your business’ unique features as well as give customers valuable information about your location, hours and services.

Yelp – User reviews and detailed listings provide local internet users with relevant information about your business. Users can also share reviews and recommendations that will connect your business with even more local prospects.

Bing Local – The increasingly popular Microsoft Bing search engine gives internet users all the relevant information about your business, including maps, hours of operation, photos, videos and more.


Reach customers in your neighborhood- Our Network has more than 50 local search engines, apps, and mapping sites including Yahoo!, Yelp and Bing. Wherever your customers are searching, they’ll find you.

Save time with one-click updates- Get listed across our Network by entering your information once. Save time and money by using EpicListings to correct and update your listings with one click.

Guaranteed accurate and up-to-date business information- Direct relationships with all our partners ensure accurate listings and updates that happen in the blink of an eye.

Your mobile solution- EpicListings Network includes more than 15 mobile apps so your customers can find your business from wherever and whatever they might be searching from.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an internet-based local business listing service that shows users valuable information about your business location, hours of operation and contact information so they can find you on the web and in person.

Listing your business withGoogle My Business allows potential customers and clients learn many different valuable details about your business, including:

Keywords: Google runs on keywords, or the search terms that potential customers use to find your business on the web. Our internet marketing experts will make sure that your local business listing is search engine optimized to bring more users to your listing, your website and through your door.

Reviews and Rankings: Internet users can also use Google Places to share, review and rank their favorite local businesses, creating more internet exposure for your business. Our local business listing optimization services will ensure that your listing is shared among users who will benefit from your services or buy your products.

Business Category: With Google’s innovative categories and tags, your local business listing will appear alongside other businesses in your industry, allowing internet users to choose the best provider. Our internet marketing strategies will also help your listing stand out from the competition.

Detailed Contact Information: All of your business contact information is integrated into your custom local business listing on Google Places, allowing users to contact you for more information about how you can meet their needs.

Physical Locations: Google Maps, one of the most powerful internet map services available, is integrated with Google Places so that potential customers can get right to your door and see your business in person.

Photos and Video: You can also add photos or videos of your business so that prospective clients have a personalized experience and an instant connection with your business online. Help your business stand out from the competition by highlighting your location or unique offerings with photos on Google Places.

Law Firms Harnessing the Power of Local Internet Marketing Tools

The internet marketing gurus at Epic Web Results can help you make the most out of the search engines and local listings that people use every day to connect with local businesses. We deliver optimized internet marketing packages that include website placement on popular search engines using search engine optimization tools, connections with local customers through social media optimization, as well as detailed listings on the most popular local business websites. With our internet marketing packages, your business will be the first that local internet searchers see.

Contact our internet marketing experts for more information on the many local internet marketing opportunities available to your business. Using services like Bing or Yahoo! Local will drive website traffic and net your firm more local customers.