Google Places is one of many local marketing strategies that drive traffic and new customers to your business. Optimizing your Google Place profile helps drive your business.The more sites search engines are able to find your business on, the higher you will be in the search engines.Search engines trust the information that they find out about your company once Google has verified and published your profile. Over all, this improves your search results online.

Have you claimed your free Google Places profile yet?

If you have not, you are losing customers everyday because setting up your Google Places profile brings targeted traffic to your business.  Here is a generalized list of tips and benefits of Google places:

  • Customers need to find your business quickly and easily at the top of the search engines.
  • Google places improve search results beyond your local market.
  • Google Places is a detailed, accurate and verified source that provides information online.
  • Get more new customers with Google Places.

What determines the local search results?

How the search engines decide where your company should come up in search results:

When a new customer is searching online for a business, there ability to find your business is directly related to the amount of information that there is online about your business, the services that you offer, or products that you sell. The search engines take the search phrase and location to find what a person is looking for. The location can be the current location of person is, or the place where your customer is looking for. This then will be compared with the information that is within the online databases. Once the group of businesses is defined, they are compared. The business that is considered to have the most relevant amount of information for your customers is shown first in the search results. The search engines look in depth for comprehensive information that is compared amongst your competitions. This is how the search engines decide if you move ahead of your competitors. In order for the search engines to gain a deeper understanding about your company, they look for through a wide directory of sites and directories. The more search engines that find information about your law firm across a wide number of sites, the higher your business will rise in the search results.

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