Got Good Legal Content? Here’s How to Share It for the Most Views…

Crafting compelling content can be an endeavor and an accomplishment. However, once your piece of content is finished and published, your work is not necessarily done. That’s because simply posting good content does NOT automatically mean that people will know it’s there and will read it.

So, if you are focused on getting your quality content out there, here are some relatively simple steps you can take to maximize your distribution and try to capture the biggest audience.

4 Easy Ways to Distribute Quality Content

1 – Include links in an email newsletter.

Knowing how to distribute quality content can help you get the most returns from it. Contact us for effective Internet marketing strategies that can help grow your business online.

Knowing how to distribute quality content can help you get the most returns from it. Contact us for effective Internet marketing strategies that can help grow your business online.

Email newsletters don’t have to be extensive or crammed full of info. In fact, some of the best newsletters (i.e., the ones that generate the most responses) are those that are simple and straightforward, providing headlines, links and maybe a hook to get people to click-through and continue reading.

So, if you have a few pieces of quality content you would like to share, put together an emailer and send it your clients and colleagues. This can be an effective way to get your good content directly to your target audience ASAP.

2 – Include links in your email signature.

If you don’t have time to put together an emailer (or you don’t have enough good content yet to assemble a newsletter), another good way to share a quality piece of content is to add a link to it in your email signature.

While this may mean that you are updating your signature weekly (or more often), there are various tools out there that can automatically update email signatures based on new posts to your website (further simplifying your content distribution efforts).

3 – Add links to your social network profiles.

Another place you can add links to your quality content is in your profiles for social media networks. Put these links in bios, portfolios or even by cover photos so that they are as visible as possible to your online connections.

Although this can be an effective way to share good content, however, we do want to caution against using this method all of the time, as it can lead to your online connections just seeing these links as white noise. So, instead, consider using this content distribution option for your most important pieces/news.

4 – Develop a few social media posts around your links.

Pull quotes, statistics or other interesting tidbits from the piece and post them with a link to your content on your social media pages. Depending on how long your content piece is, you may be able to get a handful of compelling social media posts out of it and, in turn, get some really good exposure in social networks (where your content is most likely to be shared with others).

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