More than 4 billion Web pages are currently online, and Internet traffic reportedly doubles every 100 days or so. This means that, if you don’t have a website for your business or firm or your site isn’t well optimized, you are missing out on an integral part of growing your business, closing the door on a lot of new possible leads and clients.

Are you ready to grow your firm online? If so, here are some key, helpful strategies. You can also call Epic Web Results. We can help you grow your firm online.

Are you ready to grow your firm online? If so, here are some key, helpful strategies. You can also call Epic Web Results. We can help you grow your firm online.

While this can be disconcerting for business owners, the good news is that starting to grow your firm online can be far easier than you think and that, with a little work, you can develop a highly optimized website that may:

  • Rank well in search engines
  • Help you obtain new clients
  • Ultimately be effective in helping you grow your firm online.

In this three-part blog series, we will highlight some essential strategies to keep in mind when you are ready to grow your firm online. While the discussion herein is general, don’t hesitate to contact the trusted professionals at Epic Web Results when you are ready for some more specific info about your best options for firms’ online marketing needs.

Grow Your Firm Online with These Strategies

1 – Know and target your audience.

As you start to grow your firm online, the first step will be to focus on who your target audience is and how you can reach them. If your firm or business has been up and running for some time, this should be a relatively easy aspect of the process, as you will likely know your target audience fairly well. If not, however, take some time to think about who will need your business’ services or products and when they would be reaching out for you for them.

Identifying your target audience upfront can be critical to:

  • Developing an effective design for your website
  • Pinpointing whether your site needs new content
  • Developing other tools for your site, like “click to talk” dialogue options, email forms, etc.

2 – Develop high-quality, original, personalized content for your target audience.

What your prospective clients read when they first get to your website is important, as it can make the difference between whether these people immediately click off and leave your site versus whether they read more and end up responding to your call-to-action (whether that  be calling you, emailing you, signing up for a newsletter, etc.).

To this end, it’s critical that the content on your firm’s site is not only well written and free from any typos but that it is also:

  • Specifically personalized to your target audience
  • Original, as copying already published content can get you in trouble both with a prospective audience and with search engines.

Such personalized content can include (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Traditional content pages, such as those that explain your firm’s services or products
  • Blogs, which can be informal and can be based on any topics related to the business of your firm
  • Videos and photos, which can be as compelling as written content and can further help optimize your site while providing another way of delivering your message to prospective clients.

For our continued discussion regarding how to grow your firm online, don’t miss the upcoming second and third parts of this blog series!

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