Re-Optimizing Old Content for Better Organic Ranking

Your business has a legacy and a lot of that legacy is captured right on your website in the form of web pages, blogs, press releases, and other content matter. But, if you’ve never gone back and revisited your website’s content for re-optimization purposes, chances are it’s not ranking real high, when an organic search is done on your website. See, as time goes by, Google and other search engines update their ranking factors, and chances are your old website content may not be optimized to current ranking standards. So, the question then becomes, who has the time and money to go back and re-invigorate old website content to bring it up to the present for higher ranking status – you do! A lot of businesses take the approach that just creating new and more content will render the old underperforming content issue obsolete.

“You don’t improve underperforming content on a blog by creating new content to get leads. It doesn’t work that way.” says Neil Patel, founder of I’m Kind of a Big Deal, LLC and whom Forbes calls one of the top 10 marketers of our time.

Evaluate Your Website to See What Content is Underperforming

Re-Optimizing Old Content for Better Organic Ranking | Re-Optimized Old Content

Re-Optimizing Old Content for Better Organic Ranking | Re-Optimized Old Content

The first thing anyone familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) does to see how their content stacks up is to run an organic search on your company’s top keywords and keyword phrases. If after performing a search, your company doesn’t make the top 10 results, then it’s time to take a look at where the problems lie and see how you can re-optimize some of your old content.

According to Neil Patel’s marketing group, here are eight factors that creates highly engaging website content:

  • High quality content
  • Highly entertaining content
  • Content that provides a solution to a problem
  • Content that is fresh in its approach
  • Content that is not overly self-promoting
  • Content that is educational
  • Content that is thought provoking
  • Content that is original

Sometimes what occurs over time is the older content will still drive traffic, but there’s something that may be so outdated or disinteresting that it no longer creates leads. That’s why it’s important to update copy and even look at the SEO elements behind the scenes to make sure they conform to current ranking factors, such as:

  • Appropriate length title tags with SEO keywords
  • Current keywords and phrases
  • Meta descriptions aren’t too long and provide clarity
  • Backlinks and hyperlinks work correctly

Update and Relaunch Old Content and Blogs

SEO guru extraordinaire and Backlinko blogger Brain Dean reports that HubSpot undertook the challenge of re-optimizing their website’s old content, and referred to it as “historical optimization.” The results, Dean said, were a “106% increase in HubSpot’s organic traffic.” Dean was so impressed with the results that he undertook his own “Content Relaunch” with his highly popular “White Hat SEO Case Study: How To Get a #1 Ranking” and found that the relaunch of that one blog drove traffic up a whopping 260.7 percent on his site. Don’t you wish you could do that to your website? You can!!!

Refining and relaunching your content does several things to help your website rank better, including:

  • Getting engaging content in front of clients who may have never seen it before.
  • Updating content to make it more accurate, timely, and relevant.
  • Updating and improving keywords and phrases that can increase organic search results.
  • Relaunching the content will in turn put it out on the social web, where others can comment about it and generate additional leads.

How Can Epic Web Results Re-Optimize My Old Website Content for Killer Results?

Chances are you’re no SEO guru. Secondly, you may not even know where to begin to revitalize and update your website’s content. So, who can you get to re-optimize your website’s old content that may not be ranking very high, or is simply underperforming. Let the Content Creators and Developers at Epic Web Results help you get the SEO performance and ranking you are looking for. Here’s what we’ll do in a nutshell to bring your website’s content into the future with new vitality:

  • We’ll search for pages and posts that rank below a certain threshold, like No. 7 or lower on a Google search using robust analytic tools.
  • We’ll find pages and posts that have content that is either sliding or tanking downwards.
  • We’ll look for content that underperformed, or has very few clicks.
  • We’ll have our content writers look for ways to improve and update your content copy and make it more engaging.
  • We’ll even update outdated images and links to articles with more up-to-date ones.
  • We’ll looks for better performing keywords.

The proof, as they say, is always in the relaunch! And, we couldn’t agree more. Every time Epic Web Results relaunches a website, we go through an exhaustive array of ways to improve our clients’ website’s ranking. But, we don’t just stop there. Our Social Media services can also put your relaunched content in front of hundreds or people, who have never seen it before.

If you’d like to discuss options for epic web hosting solutions, call us today at 303-515-7191 or fill our form by hitting the “Contact Us” button.