These days, attorneys and law firms that want to stay competitive and effectively grow their practices have to have a dynamic online presence – both with a standard website and a mobile website. However, it’s not simply enough to have these websites in place. These sites also have to be well designed and properly optimized for search engines so they rank well, capture potential clients’ attention and ultimately help attorneys convert Internet users into actual clients.

Here is an overview of the basics when it comes to SEO for lawyers. For more info, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

Here is an overview of the basics when it comes to SEO for lawyers. For more info, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

Here and in an upcoming second part of this blog, we will discuss what search engine optimization (SEO) for attorneys means, what it specifically entails and how it must be maintained to ensure that lawyers are able to effectively market themselves online.

SEO for Attorneys: The Basics

In general, search engine optimization refers to the process associated with making websites more “visible” to search engines by altering certain design and content elements to get these sites ranked higher within search engines.

For attorneys, SEO for their websites will usually involve a combination of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Targeting specific local keywords – Keywords and keyword phrases that incorporate a practice’s specific geographic region are critical to search engine optimization for attorneys. These phrases should also ideally incorporate the legal practice area of the firm. This is because, when most people search for services – including legal services, they are looking for firms or practices in their local area.By including area-specific geographical terms as part of keyword phrases, the content of these websites will be recognized by search engines when potential clients are looking for attorneys in their area.

    For example, essential target keywords and keyword phrases for Attorney Joe Doe who practices bankruptcy in Littleton could include Littleton Bankruptcy Lawyer, Littleton Bankruptcy Attorney and Littleton Bankruptcy Law Firm.

    Once such keyword phrases have been appropriately selected, they then need to be properly used in highly visible SEO areas like, for instance, in the title tags and meta descriptions of content pages, in the alt tags for images, etc.

Don’t miss the upcoming second installment of this blog for some additional important information regarding SEO for lawyers.

Effective Legal Marketing Solutions at Epic Web Results

At Epic Web Results, our skilled industry professionals are up to date with the latest advances in SEO best practices, and we are highly adept at designing and maintaining optimized websites that will soar to the top of search engines. Some of our specific services include website design (including for mobile devices), link building, developing strategies based on website analytics, rolling out social media marketing strategies, etc.

Our extensive experience developing the best possible online results for our Clients means that we consistently provide a variety of cost-effective online legal marketing solutions that can ultimately help grow our Clients’ businesses. Our goal is to provide your business or firm with aggressive, effective online legal marketing solutions that will help attract potential new clients while continuing to engage existing clients.

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