Wrapping up our blog series SEO Strategies for 2015: 7 Optimization Tips for Success, below are some final important tips to keep in mind when it comes to implementing SEO strategies for 2015.

Additional SEO Strategies and Tips for 2015

Tip 5 – Target more precise keyword phrases and carefully use them. 

The bottom line is that SEO in 2015 will continue to be more finely tuned and that having Epic Web Results work on your site can position your site for success in 2015.

The bottom line is that SEO in 2015 will continue to be more finely tuned and that having Epic Web Results work on your site can position your site for success in 2015.

Targeting very broad keywords and keyword phrases is no longer an effective SEO strategy, as this effort usually won’t attract specifically targeted traffic (and it may even increase your site’s bounce rates, as people may come to your site expecting certain info but getting remarkably different content).

What this means is that re-shifting the focus on keyword phrases to make them more specific and localized to the purpose, work or topic of a website will be an essential SEO strategy for 2015. By appropriately focusing keyword phrases (like using the phrase Boulder criminal defense attorney, rather than criminal defense), your site can better target your ideal client or user, which can, in turn, increase:

  • Traffic to your website
  • Your site’s ranking in search engines
  • Your website’s conversion rates
  • Your client base and business’ profits.

Tip 6 – Continue to avoid black hat SEO tactics.

Some industry experts are predicting that black hat SEO tactics (or negative SEO) will continue to be a focus for search engines’ algorithms in 2015. While this statement may not seem groundbreaking or even surprising on the surface, what may be new about this in 2015 is the fact that many are expecting Google (and other search engines) to make it a central goal to specifically identify and penalize websites using negative SEO tactics (like link buying, duplicating content, etc.).

What this means for you and your website is that:

  • If it’s been a while since your site was designed (or since anything was done to your website), then now is a good time to work with professionals to ensure that your site is appropriately optimized and is not relying on black hat SEO tactics (before your site is penalized).
  • If you are developing a new website, it’s more critical than ever to work with trusted industry professionals to ensure that your site is properly optimized without negative SEO.
  • If your site has already been penalized for negative SEO, again, it’s crucial to work with trusted SEO professionals to fix the issues and restore your site’s good standing with search engines.

Tip 7 – Contact Epic Web Results.

The bottom line is that SEO in 2015 will likely continue to become more fine-tuned, with appropriately optimized sites realizing positive rankings and quality traffic while poorly developed and optimized sites will likely continue to suffer.

Because SEO for 2015 incorporates a variety of factors (some more technical than others), having trusted industry professionals – like those at Epic Web Results – working on your website can ensure that:

  • Your site is well optimized for 2015.
  • Your site is positioned for optimal traffic and conversion rates.
  • Your site is effective at generating new leads and business for you in the New Year.

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