Resuming SEO Strategies for 2015: 7 Optimization Tips for Success (Pt. 1), here, we will continue to point out some specific tips for optimizing your website for 2015.

More SEO Strategies and Tips for 2015

Tip 3 – Review your site’s links and weed out bad links.

Inbound links and mobile optimization are two important SEO strategies for 2015. Here are some tips for taking advantage of these SEO strategies for 2015.

Inbound links and mobile optimization are two important SEO strategies for 2015. Here are some tips for taking advantage of these SEO strategies for 2015.

SEO experts generally agree that a website’s inbound links will continue to be important in 2015, with some contending that their importance will increase as search engine algorithms increase their focus on penalizing bad or poor links. In fact, some experts have stated that, in terms of linking strategies for SEO for 2015, the goal should be to:

  • Avoid buying links, as algorithms are getting more savvy at identify purchased, poor quality links
  • Try to earn good inbound links, which can be done in various ways (including an ongoing effort to add high-quality, original content to a website)
  • Get rid of (disavow) bad links (this can be a complicated endeavor, so it’s generally wise to entrust this effort to SEO professionals).

One of the various reasons that having good inbound links is so important is that it is one of the single most influential factors used to assess a website’s authority and credibility.

Tip 4 – Don’t forget to optimize for mobile traffic.

Mobile devices and traffic are a significant part of modern online searches, and the role of mobile is expected to continue to gain importance in 2015. In fact, predictions regarding mobile searches exceeding desktop traffic in 2014 have already been realized (in other words, more people are now conducting online searches with mobile devices, rather than with desktop computers, with many of these people relying only on mobile devices for online access).

Here, it’s also important to point out that Google:

  • Has stated that it currently feels that responsive sites offer the best user experience
  • Has started providing “mobile friendly” marks next to websites listed in mobile search results.

So, if your website is not already optimized for mobile devices, don’t continue to shut the door on additional traffic and potential clients in 2015 – instead, make it a goal for 2015 to develop an optimized mobile version of your website.

Be sure to check out the upcoming conclusion to this blog series for some final important SEO strategies for 2015!

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