Regularly adding new content to a website is an effective legal marketing tool that can boost a law firm’s ranking in search engines.

Regularly adding new content to a website is an effective legal marketing tool that can boost a law firm’s ranking in search engines.

Continuing from SEO Strategies for Effective Legal Marketing (Part 1), here are some additional SEO strategies that can help law firms’ boost their websites’ rankings in search engines and, as a result, help give them a competitive edge over their competition. While Part 1 focused on the use of specific keywords and keyword phrases, here in Part 2, we will concentrate on the role of content and inbound/outbound links.

Additional SEO strategies for effective legal marketing include:

  • Regularly adding new content – A law firm’s website should have enough content to explain the areas of practice of the firm, as well as how users can contact the firm. Once this content is live, however, it’s critical that additional new content be regularly added to the website to keep it “fresh” in the eyes of search engines. While regular new content can come in the form of blogs (that ideally use specific keyword phrases), it can also include new videos (such as client testimonials) or new links to other websites.
  • Being careful with inbound/outbound links – Although the use of inbound/outbound links has long been a key component of optimizing websites, search engines are becoming increasingly selective about the types of links that are valued. Specifically, having a large number of inbound or outbound links to other sites that are link farms can actually hurt your website’s ranking. Instead, it’s far better to use a select number of inbound/outbound links that link to respected websites that can actually add value to your website. For law firms, such credible links can include those that link to news sources, court websites, research papers, government agencies, etc.

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