Top 10 Title Tag Tips | How to Write Good Title Legal Content Tags (Pt. 1)

Title tags are crucial for SEO and the user experience, as noted in our previous blog. While you may be aware that title tags are important, however, it can be trickier to understand just what makes a title tag good and, consequently, how to write the best title tags for your content.

In this blog series, we will point out some of the top tips for writing good title tags. While the info herein can shed some light on how to improve your on-page SEO, contact Epic Web Results when you are ready for experienced, professional help optimizing your website and realizing the best results from it.

Important Title Tag Tips

Tip 1 – Stick to the character limits.

Ready to improve your title tags? If so, here are some helpful title tag tips. For experienced help optimizing a site, contact Epic Web Results.

Ready to improve your title tags? If so, here are some helpful title tag tips. For experienced help optimizing a site, contact Epic Web Results.

Title tags should be no more than 70 characters, including spaces, as this is typically all that will appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). If title tags exceed this character limit, the words/characters at the end of the title will be cut off by an ellipsis in SERPs. While this may mean that cut off titles may not end up making sense to users, it can also mean that:

  • Titles may not be as concise or punchy as they should be.
  • A given page may need to be broken up into two pages (if you can’t concisely sum up the content of a page in a title, there may be too much going on from a content perspective on that page).
  • Pages get less clicks/traffic.

Tip 2 – Use keywords appropriately.

A well-written title tag should include the most important keywords or keyword phrases for a given page of content. However, it’s not enough to include keyword phrases; they must also be used appropriately so that:

  • The most relevant keywords are placed as close to the front of the title tag as possible.
  • These keywords will end up appearing in SERPs (as opposed to getting cut off).

Tip 3 – Don’t overstuff titles with keywords.

While keyword use is important in title tags, as with content pages, keywords should not be overused. In other words, don’t overstuff keywords into titles or content, as this type of keyword spamming or dumping is unfavorable both from an SEO and a user perspective.

Don’t miss the two additional parts of this blog series for some more helpful title tag writing tips.

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