If you are using Twitter as a social media-networking tool, it is important you are familiar with its vocabulary. Here is a list of Twitter terms can be helpful to keep up your business’ Twitter page:

Hashtag: Tagging an individual tweet by using a hash mark (#) in front of the tag word. For example: #twittermarketing. This allows someone on Twitter to search for a particular subject.

 Tweeting: The act of posting a message to Twitter in 140 characters of less.

Retweet: A repeated tweet, in which twitters send a tweet that they received to their followers. A retreat is most similar to a forwarded e-mail. This is also a way to reply to a particular tweet.

Tweetup: When Twitter users meet in person. The meeting is organized through Twitter.

Twitter can help a business create a communication model to drive more leads, revenue, and customer engagements to your product or service. Like anything, there will always be new features on different media networks.

At times it can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With the help social media networking experts, you can easily maintain your social media accounts. Contact us at Epic Web Results today at 303-947-1737. We can help you utilize Internet marketing strategies and make sure that the people who need to see it see your web site. We also will be able to create, or re design your twitter page to make sure you are using it to your business’ best interest.