Google places is a free service. You heard it right, a free service. It is not that often you come across something, or anything at all that is actually free, and actually benefits you and your business. You are able to create a business listing, which Google may show in the search results. This helps potential customers locate your business, and reach out to more people.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Better rankings when Google displays local search results
  • The ability to customize the business page shown on Google
  • Access to data regarding views and interaction with your Places page
  • A change to help inform Google and others about your business
  • It’s FREE, so why not take advantage of this FREE tool.
  • Setup takes only a few minutes.
  • An opportunity to offer coupons to customers directly on your Places page.
  • Reach millions of Google users, quickly for free.
  • Edit your listing and speak for yourself.
  • Practical and easy to manage.
  • Offers online reviews. This is helpful to see what type of reviews come from real customers.

Google Places has the potential, and can be a very powerful force to add into your Internet marketing. If you are a local business make sure that you take hold of this opportunity to help your business grow.

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