Have you done a search and clicked on the top results only to find that the content is not optimized and is just a block of text on a page? The chances are that, at some point, most people have run into this phenomenon. And, while it may be perplexing on the surface, taking a look behind the curtain to see what other factors can be causing the high rankings can reveal:

  • Additional SEO work that competing sites may lack
  • What you may need to do to your site to outrank those currently in the top spots.

Why Some Sites Rank Well Even Though They Don’t Seem to Be Optimized

1 – They are better established.

Internet marketing pros point out why some sites rank well despite not appearing to be optimized. Contact us to get better results from your site.

Internet marketing pros point out why some sites rank well despite not appearing to be optimized. Contact us to get better results from your site.

Or, to put it another way, the sites are older. In fact, generally, the sites that are ranked higher in Google have been around for at least a few years. This can mean that, for newly developed sites that have been optimized and have quality content, it may just take some time (and ongoing optimization) to get that site to rank better and be more competitive with the better established sites.

2 – They have high click-through rates.

One of the factors that Google evaluates when ranking sites is the click-through rates sites have for different phrases. When a given site’s click-through rate is higher, Google’s algorithm assesses that the site is more appealing to users; consequently, that site will slowly start to move up in rankings.

However, it’s important to point out that click-through rates are generally also assessed in light of bounce rates. In other words, click-through rates can be mitigated by high bounce rates (as the bounce rate is an indicator that users are not finding what they are looking for on a given site).

3 – They have better linking in place.

Linking can refer to backlinking and cross-linking. With backlinking, Google is looking for links that are high-quality, meaning that they are relevant and lend some authority to a site. With crosslinking, the value comes from adding internal links across a site’s pages (to add internal authority to the site).

When a site is appropriately implementing these linking strategies, it can enjoy good rankings in search engines even if the content is not well optimized.

4 – They have higher quality content.

When it comes to ranking the quality of content on a site, Google evaluates that content by comparing it to the other existing content in the same “space” (meaning in the same category, produced by similar sources, etc.). So, even if that content is not optimized via title tags, subheadings, etc., it can still rank well/high if it is perceived to be better than the other content delivered by competitors.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line regarding site rankings and optimization is that:

  • There is a lot that goes into ranking sites, and some of these factors are not always readily visible to users.
  • If your site is not currently ranking well, there may be a number of things that can be done to start moving it up in SERPS (search engine results pages) and, in turn, improving your traffic and overall site performance.
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