It seems like everyone has a blog these days: big corporations, small mom and pop businesses, artists and even single dads. Ordinary people are getting their five minutes of fame from the blogosphere, but what are the benefits to a business or professional?

Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is the easiest way to keep the content on your website fresh. Search engines like to see that relevant content is being added regularly to your site. With a targeted approach to keyword use, the search engines see your information as not only relevant, but new. This helps increase search ranking. Useful blog posts are often linked to by others via social media, other blogs, articles and reviews,, which provides valuable rank increasing back links. If you are in a heavily competitive area of business, you can’t afford to not blog for your business.

Expert Status

Sharing your knowledge on a particular subject may seem counterintuitive at first glance, especially if you happen to be in a niche where information is a commodity. However, providing easy to digest blog posts that help educate the reader establishes your level of expertise in your industry. Industry leaders find more success, as customers feel a level of trust they may not feel with someone who is an unknown quantity.

Customer Relations

Your blog, along with your social media, provides a way for potential clients to find you, and current customers to keep up with your company’s news. It also allows your clientele to communicate with you in an open forum, a means for showing off your stellar customer service as you openly resolve conflicts or share your knowledge with your customers by answering questions they may post.

Affordable Marketing

If you take the time to learn a little SEO and write your own blog posts, blogging is practically free marketing tool that has long lasting benefits to both your website’s page rank and in building relationships with your customers. Even if you don’t have time to blog yourself, hiring an experienced blogger to ghostwrite for your blog can have the same results. Typically, the cost of hiring an internet marking company or content writer to manage your blog is a small fraction of the cost of traditional means of advertising, and often has a bigger bang for the buck as well.