If your business needs help developing or rolling out an effective content marketing strategy, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

If your business needs help developing or rolling out an effective content marketing strategy, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results.

Continuing from 5 Content Marketing Strategies and Trends for 2014 (Part 1)¸ below, we will highlight three additional content marketing trends that are likely to continue gaining traction in the coming year. Business owners and leaders who are aware of these trends can effectively position themselves at the forefront of these movements and, in turn, give their enterprises optimal chances for growth and success in the coming year.

  1. New software and businesses will arise from the need to determine content’s ROI – As a growing number of businesses start embracing the content marketing movement, their leaders will likely want to quantify the results of this investment (i.e., see numbers regarding the return on their investment, ROI, in content marketing strategies). Currently, calculating such ROIs can be tricky because content, once published, can have residual or indirect ROIs that aren’t readily measureable (like, for example, if a person who has read a site’s blog then tells a friend about that business months down the line).This demand for determining the ROI for content marketing strategies will likely give rise to new software and/or businesses that will be geared towards quantifying these results for businesses.
  2. Although some businesses may try to automate their content marketing, these moves will likely be unsuccessful – It’s inevitable that, as executives realize the power of and need for content marketing, some will try to automate these efforts in a move to reduce their costs. Because the automation of content creation will generally lead to poorer quality content (and content that is less connected and/or interesting to the business’ customers), these efforts will likely be unsuccessful.One of the most valuable aspects of effective content marketing is the relationship that it engenders between a business and potential customers, and moves towards automation are likely to delude or degrade this relationship (as it tends to break down the connection between the reader and the business).
  3. Content marketing based on location will be essential for brick-and-mortar businesses – Businesses that have traditionally relied on their storefront for success will likely need to start investing in location-based content marketing strategies to stay competitive and reach out to new potential clients (particularly younger consumers who heavily rely on their mobile devices to get around, communicate, etc.).

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If your business needs help with developing or implementing an effective content marketing strategy, contact the professionals at Epic Web Results. At Epic Web Results, our respected industry professionals are skilled at developing and rolling out cutting-edge content marketing strategies.

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