Picking up from where 6 Reasons Why SEO Is NOT Dead (Pt. 1) left off, here are some more reasons why SEO is here to stay.

More Reasons Why SEO Is Alive and Well…

Reason 3 – SEO isn’t about “tricking” search engines; it’s about giving them what they want. 

Claims that SEO is dead are usually based on misconceptions that SEO is about tricking search engines. This is wrong. Here’s why SEO is NOT dead and is here to stay.

Claims that SEO is dead are usually based on misconceptions that SEO is about tricking search engines. This is wrong. Here’s why SEO is NOT dead and is here to stay.

This is perhaps one of the most important issues to unpack when it comes to arguments that “SEO is dead.” This is because claims that SEO is dead are typically based on the notion that SEO is about “tricking” search engines, getting around their requirements and, in so doing, artificially gaining rankings in search engine results.

Such notions are based on incorrect premises, as using trickery to artificially boost sites’ rankings is a black-hat technique. Such black-hat SEO techniques are not only frowned upon but they can create big problems for websites in that these sites can end up receiving serious penalties from search engines.

SEO, real SEO (or “white hat” SEO techniques), is not about tricking search engines – it’s about giving them what they are looking for, some of which includes (but is by no means limited to):

  • Well-written, unique content
  • Clear site navigation and straightforward design
  • Well-written meta tags that conform to all necessary restrictions
  • Compliance with linking and other protocols.

Reason 4 – SEO can deliver a high ROI.

When done right and on an ongoing basis, SEO can end up delivering substantial returns on people’s investments in terms of developing and maintaining their websites. This is because good SEO can be pivotal to:

  • Slowly climbing search engines’ results
  • Getting an increasing amount of traffic to come to a website
  • Increasing the chances that users will respond to the site’s call-to-action (whether that be signing up for a newsletter, scheduling a consult, etc.)
  • Increasing the site’s conversion rates (i.e., the rate at which users become new business leads or new clients).

In fact, some research has shown that investing in Internet marketing (to which SEO is critical) has one of the highest ROIs of all marketing investments (including traditional marketing efforts like cold calling, mailing flyers, paying for paper ads, etc.).

We will wrap up this discussion regarding why SEO is NOT dead in the conclusion to this blog series that will be published soon. Be sure to look for it!

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