Concluding our blog series 6 Reasons Why SEO Is NOT Dead, here are a few more reasons why SEO is alive, well and here to stay.

Reason 5 – Without proper SEO, a site can drop significantly in rankings.

Because SEO is NOT dead, make sure your website is properly optimized by contacting Epic Web Results. We can optimize your site to position it for optimal success.

Because SEO is NOT dead, make sure your website is properly optimized by contacting Epic Web Results. We can optimize your site to position it for optimal success.

What people may not realize when it comes to optimizing their website is that the absence of SEO can be just as significant as its presence; however, the lack of SEO will typically work against a website, making it appear to lack useful information for Internet users. This, in turn, generally results in lower rankings, far less traffic coming to a site and far lower conversion rates for a website.

Given that a lack of SEO can be so detrimental to website, clearly, SEO is NOT dead.

Reason 6 – A lack of SEO can also result in serious Google penalties.

In some cases, the absence of SEO for a website can actually make a site the target of Google penalties (or penalties from other search engines). This is because failing to properly optimize a website can lead to serious problems like:

  • Duplicate content being published on a website
  • Very light or poor-quality content being published
  • Spammy links being associated with a website
  • Other significant issues that not only impact the user experience but that also can be detected by search engine algorithms.

Algorithms for search engines are designed to identify such problems and will trigger penalties for a website when these problems are particularly egregious.

In fact, as search engine algorithms continue to evolve and become better at picking up some of the nuances of poor SEO (versus good SEO), they will likely continue to:

  • Favorably rank sites that have been properly and fully optimized
  • Penalize websites that continue to lack optimization, use “black hat” SEO techniques and fail to comply with the current accepted SEO best practices.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that:

  • SEO is NOT dead and is here to stay.
  • If your website is not optimized or regular optimization work is not being performed on your site, you could be sabotaging its success.
  • Epic Web Results can help you with all of your SEO and Internet marketing needs, helping you position your website and your business for optimal success.

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