Here is the conclusion to our three-part blog Attorney Video Marketing: 6 Tips for Making a Good Video.

Final Tips for Creating Compelling Attorney Videos…

The smartest thing you can do when you are ready to develop compelling attorney videos is to hire professionals like Epic Web Results to oversee the process.

The smartest thing you can do when you are ready to develop compelling attorney videos is to hire professionals like Epic Web Results to oversee the process.

Tip 5 – Keep it short.

As with other online media (like written content), being concise is key. People don’t typically want to watch a 10-minute long lawyer video – and if you find that your attorney video is longer than about 3 minutes, then you may have enough content to split this into two or more lawyer videos. Keeping the video short will be essential to getting people to watch it and, ideally, share it with others.

As you plan for the technical elements that can help you keep this video short (like, for instance, a concise script), make sure that you don’t skip out on the call-to-action. Do you want viewers to call you to set up an initial consultation? Do you want them to sign up for your law firm’s newsletter? Whatever your goal is for creating the video should be central to the call-to-action. So, don’t leave this out.

Tip 6 – Hire a professional to help.

While you or someone at your firm may want to oversee the development of the attorney video, the bottom line is that hiring a professional will usually be your best bet. This is because a professional can play a crucial role when it comes to handling things like:

  • The lighting
  • The angles of the video
  • The editing
  • Voice overs
  • Publishing/distribution of the video.

If you try to create an attorney video yourself, you could end up wasting both your time and money, as you may end up expending a lot of resources to put out a sloppy or off-putting lawyer video.

What can be even worse is that, if you end up deciding to use a poorly made video, it could actually have negative impacts on you or your firm’s image (as people may be inclined to think that you or your law firm is less than professional or regularly cuts corners due to the poor quality of the video).

Final Thoughts Regarding Lawyer Videos: Other Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Plan to integrate the lawyer video with your other marketing efforts – This can be a key for the distribution aspect of the video. For instance, in addition to posting the attorney video on your website, will you want to post it to your firm’s social media pages? Or include it in your monthly emailed newsletters?
  • Be prepared for the video to have a short shelf life – Like blogs or other content pieces, videos can have a fairly short shelf life (especially if they are focused on a news topic). Therefore, you may want to plan to make a video monthly or bimonthly in order to keep up the attorney video marketing efforts for your law firm.

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