Wrapping up our blog series Black Hat Web Design: What Is It & How to Avoid It, here, we will point out some of the specific things you can do to identify and avoid working with companies that rely on black hat tactics that will hurt your website.

How to Avoid Companies that Rely on Black Hat Web Design Tactics

Given how troublesome and costly black hat web design tactics can be for website owners, it’s important that people and businesses:

  • To ensure that black hat web design and SEO tactics aren’t used on your website, contact Epic Web Results. We know how to position sites for optimal, long-term success.

    To ensure that black hat web design and SEO tactics aren’t used on your website, contact Epic Web Results. We know how to position sites for optimal, long-term success.

    Know how to identify the companies that use them

  • Avoid these companies at all costs.

In general, here are just a few of the things you can do to avoid companies that use black hat web design and SEO tactics:

  • Ask the right questions – In particular, ask how a company will get you results and, more specifically, what tactics will be used to help your site legitimately gain rankings in search engines. The answers you get should be reflective of industry best practices, such as designing an original site for you, publishing unique and original content, etc.
  • Look at the longevity of a company’s client base – Of course, an unethical company that relies on black hat tactics can say whatever they want and flat-out lie to you regarding how they will get you online results (after all, if they have built their company on unethical practices, lying is probably part of their game).So, to find out if you are getting the truth from an Internet marketing company, try to find out how long their clients tend to stick with them (on average). Be VERY cautious of moving forward with companies that don’t have any long-term clients. This can be a giant red flag that a company uses black hat techniques (as clients will leave the company once the repercussions of these black hat tactics come back to hurt their sites).
  • Check out reviews for the company – By checking out the testimonials former clients have provided for a given company, you can gain some more important insight as to whether a company has the experience, integrity and skills you can rely on to get and keep your site in good standing, help it continue to climb in rankings and, ultimately, help it grow your business.

The Bottom Line about Black Hat Tactics

  • Black hat web design and SEO tactics are continuing to evolve; however, the one constant with these tactics is that they WILL hurt a website.
  • When websites are penalized by search engines for employing black hat tactics, the road to recovery can be long, complicated and costly.
  • Taking the time to pick the right web design and Internet marketing company from the start can be invaluable – both to the success of your website and your business.

Effective Internet Marketing Solutions at Epic Web Results

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