Concluding our blog series How to Evaluate the ROI for Your Website, below we will discuss some final things that will be important to consider as you are determining how effective and worthwhile your investment in developing or redesigning your website has been in terms of helping you secure new leads and potential new clients.

As you assess the return on investment for your business’ site, some factors to consider, in addition to the traffic to your website, will include:

4. Your Website’s Conversion Rate

As with maintaining your site, evaluating the ROI for your website should be an ongoing process. Epic Web Results can help you realize the maximum ROI for your site.

As with maintaining your site, evaluating the ROI for your website should be an ongoing process. Epic Web Results can help you realize the maximum ROI for your site.

How many users are actually responding to your site’s call to action? In other words, how many users are getting converted into leads and/or potential new clients? Here, it’s important to point out that the website conversion rate can take some time to establish, especially for new websites (as these sites take time to be picked up by search engines).

However, increasing trends in conversion rates are always good signs, and investing in ongoing marketing efforts with your website will likely only continue to promote this trend.

5. The Shelf Life of Your Website

How long will this site last? If the site was poorly designed, the content is poorly written and/or the site was not properly optimized, then a redesign for it may have to come sooner rather than later.

If, however, the various important elements of your site were properly developed and executed, then your site may have a substantial shelf life and, consequently, maximize the return on your investment.

Additional Factors to Consider with Website ROI Evaluations

In evaluating the ROI for your website, here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Search engines algorithms are continually being updated. Given that search engines are not static, the content on website should also not remain static. In other words, investing in ongoing content marketing can be essential to climbing in search engine rankings, increasing traffic to your site and optimizing conversions, new leads and potential new clients.
  • Evaluating the ROI for your website should not be a one-time event. Instead, to fully appreciate whether your website has been worth the investment, it’s a good idea to measure the ROI on an ongoing basis (like, for instance, monthly or every other month). This is because an important element of the ROI for your website will be evaluating whether certain elements have an increasing/upward trend (like the traffic, conversion rates, etc.) while other elements are decreasing (like the bounce rate).
  • A full-service internet marketing firm like Epic Web Results can calculate the ROI for your website, explain these calculations and highlight what can be done to maximize the ROI, your website’s traffic and your conversion rate.

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